Campaign to elect Rudy Pantoja,
Seattle City Council, Po. 8

Make sure to turn in your ballots by Tuesday,  August 1st!

About Me

My background

Small business owner as a gardener, former bartender at the Crosswalk Tavern. High school diploma, Ingraham class of 1982. Ready reserve, US Army 1982-88. Former member of the King County mental health and substance abuse board. 1000 hours as a ride-along observer with Seattle Police Department (East Precinct) during the 1990’s. 

Member of the Latino Advisory Council with Seattle Crime Prevention. Former volunteer coordinator with KISW 99.9 FM and KVI 570 AM radio stations. Member of Ballard/Fremont Clean Streets program for neighborhood beautification projects.  

My top issues

  For far too long, the City of Seattle has been run by self-important, overbearing and bossy politicians who do not vote in your interest. Seattle needs someone who is an unconventional activist and won’t conform to Seattle Council dogma, someone who is different and won’t stick to the longtime status quo. 

I am a problem-solver who will shake things up and get things done. As your representative on the Seattle City Council, I will always standup for the best interest of the people who live here. I will support the Seattle Police, for they are a great community asset and work hard to protect us. I will back their difficult work on violent crimes, murders, rapes, and assaults, as well as property crimes such as robberies, burglaries, and car prowls. 

I will work to lower taxes.  I will battle for small businesses by advocating for reduced city B&O taxes and less unnecessary regulations.  I will push to unclog more of Seattle’s roads to move traffic by opening up arterials to four lanes wherever possible. I will work closely with neighborhoods in Seattle to solve local problems, rather than focus my attention on Downtown. I pledge to cleanup illegal homeless camps, while partnering with nonprofits to get the homeless support and off of the streets. Additionally, I will strongly fight against the use of safe- injection sites in Seattle.  

Seattle needs new leadership on the City Council. I will be councilmember who will get in, shake things up, and solve-problems. Thank you for your vote.   


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